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Google Slides: Create a Locked Down Background

When using Google Slides you can set the background image on a slide by clicking on the “Background” button in the toolbar. Any images on the background are locked down.


Google Slides Template for Google Drawing

Google Drawing

I created a template in Google Drawing that is the same size as the default Google Slides. Make a copy of the template and design your background. Use the File menu to “Download As” “PNG image.”
download as PNG

Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers make great backgrounds for Google Slides. Design graphic organizers on the template.


In Google Slides, to help make sure directions do not accidentally get deleted, put the directions as a background image.

Google Slides

Insert a blank slide in Google Slides. Click the “Background” button in the toolbar.
background button in Google Slides

Click on “Choose” to upload the image you just downloaded from Google Drawing.
background image lock down google slides

lock down google slides

lock down google slides

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