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Does Your Lesson Plan Include Search?

include search questions in your lesson plans google search

Does Your Lesson Plan Include Search?

When is the last time you were in a social situation that someone did not look something up? Looking things up is part of the culture. One way that technology changes what we do in the classroom is to take advantage of Search.

Lesson Planning

Include a section in your lesson plan that indicates what things the students will look up. Be intentional, what are you planning on having students search?

If It Can Be Searched, it Should Be

When I first started teaching asking the class “What is the quadratic formula” would have returned a lot of blank stares. Now, within seconds students would be able to raise their hand to tell me even if they have never heard of it before.

Instead of “The quadratic formula is” ask “What is the quadratic formula?”

Small Groups

One way to start a lesson is to have students work in small groups to look up questions that can be looked up. Ask students questions they can discuss in a small group. This starts the lesson with students thinking about the topic. Shifting to whole class instruction can be more around critical thinking since students have familiarity with some of the basic vocabulary and instructions.

Teach Like Google and YouTube exist.
Google Search

Google Search

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