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Google Slides: Create Rotating Slideshow

google slides rotating slideshow
Google Slides: Create Rotating Slideshow

google slides rotating slideshow

Google Slides Automatic Advance

For Back to School night you may want to share student work and  on a rotating slideshow that automatically advances.

Publish to the Web

After creating a Google Slides you will want to use the File menu to publish it to the web. Note: You do NOT have to be finished or even started with the Google Slides to obtain the published link.
File Menu Publish to the Web

Check Both Checkboxes

You have the option to have Slides start automatically and advance automatically. Check both checkboxes. Note that the advancement of each slide is the same for each slide. A good reminder is you should never have a lot of information on one slide.
check both checkboxes

Click Publish

The blue “Publish” button will provide you a published link.
published link

Copy Link

Use Control C to copy the link.

Control T to open a new tab.

Control V to paste the link. Press Enter.

This will display and run the slideshow.


The slideshow will NOT reflect edits unless you refresh. NO need to republish to the web. Refreshing the rotating slideshow will show the new edits. If you have the slideshow embeded into a webpage (see below), any edits will be visible when the webpage is refreshed.


Import Slides

An easy way to share student work is to import slides from student slides. When students submit work to Google Classroom you have the work nicely organized in your Google Drive. Create a blank Google Slides presentation and use the Insert menu to “Import slides.” Select from slides from student work to easily create a presentation with student samples.

Import slides from Google Slides

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