control alt question mark Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

As we go back to school, let’s teach our students how to access keyboard shortcuts on the Chromebook. This not only increases digital literacy for students but improves workflows and saves class time.

Control Alt Question Mark

Holding down the Control key and Alt Key and then pressing the Question Mark key opens up a keyboard shortcut map. Hold down the Control key to view the keyboard shortcuts associated with the control key. Hold down the Alt key to view the keyboard shortcuts associated with the Alt key. Hold down both Control and Alt to see the shortcuts that are associated with these two keys together.


You may not think of it, but there are a lot of helpful keyboard shortcuts with using the shift key as a modifier. Hold down the Control key and the Shift key to see what you can do.

A Few Favorites

Do not take for granted that students know how to copy and paste. Emphasize using Control C to copy and Control V to paste.

Highlight URL

Control L


Control and Windows Switcher Key.
Windows Switcher Key

Note that the windows switcher key is above the 6 key and looks like a rectangle with 2 lines.

A Partial Screenshot

Control and Shift and Windows Switcher key


Go To First Tab

Control key and the 1 key.

This also works with Control 2, Control 3, etc…

Dock Left

Alt and Left bracket key.

Select Docked Items

Now that Android apps work on my Acer R11 Chromebook, I have Android apps pinned to the doc. Pressing the Alt key and 5 opens up Minecraft pocket edition for me. (Minecraft is my 5th pinned item)

Sign Out

Control and Shift and press Q.

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