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Google Slides: Edit the Slide Master

google slides view master slide master

Google Slides Themes

Why be like everyone else, edit the Google Slides master to create custom themes!

View Menu

I usually start with a blank white theme. I then go to the View menu and choose “Master.”
Google Slides View Master

Master Slide

Notice there is a “Master” slide that rules all of the layouts. Click on that top rectangle to set the font style for the ENTIRE Slides presentation. Change the font of the title style and of the text style.
Slides Master set the font

Try using to view font choices. You can also use to find fonts that pair well together. Use one font for the title style and find a good complimentary font for the text style.
Font Pairings with Google Fonts

Global Updates

The advantage to making changes on the Slide Master is to make global changes. If you decide you would rather use a different font, go to the View menu and choose Master. Change the font on the master and the entire Slides presentation has the updated font.

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