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#coffeeEDU at #ISTE2016

coffeeEDU at ISTE 2016
#coffeeEDU at #ISTE2016

coffeeEDU at ISTE 2016

CoffeeEDU at ISTE 2016

If you are going to be at ISTE in Denver this year, come join coffeeEDU one morning. CoffeeEDU (coffeeEDU.org) is a ONE HOUR meet up of educators in the style of edcamp.


While 6am may be early for some folks it is a great start to your day. This is a fun way to chat and connect with some awesome educators and have your morning coffee!

Amazon Education is sponsoring the coffeeEDU this year by supplying donuts and coffee.

3 Days

Plan on attending one of the 3 days at ISTE. CoffeeEDU will be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I will be there all three days, but don’t feel obligated to do the same 🙂

coffeeEDU rules

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