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Google Docs: Highlight Text with Your Voice

Highlight text with your voice

Voice Typing in Google Docs

Highlighting text in a Google Doc can be a little cumbersome. The Google Doc voice typing feature is not only magical, it allows you to edit your document with voice commands.

Voice Typing

Use the Tools menu to activate voice typing. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Control Shift S. This keyboard shortcut also will turn off voice typing.
voice typing

Click the microphone icon to enable voice typing.


You can speak your punctuation. Say “period” “comma” “exclamation point” or “new line.”


Google Docs allows you to use your voice to edit your document. To highlight text manually, you select the word or phrases you wish to highlight. Going to the toolbar, select the text color icon and switch from text color to highlight. If your window width is small, the text color icon is hidden under the “More” menu.
Manually highlight text in a Google Doc

Voice Highlight Text

Instead of all the mouse clicks, just say it with your voice. Select the word or phrase you wish to highlight. Say the word “highlight” while voice typing is enabled.
Say the word highlight with voice typing

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