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Sylvia Duckworth Alice Keeler quote

“The only difference between “I’m techie” and “I’m not techie” is the willingness to click on stuff and see what happens.”


How did I become good at using technology? I click on everything. When faced with a new product I click on EVERYTHING, try to make it explode. I don’t try to make something functional, I just try to see what happens when I click on something. I read all of the menus. I just try to figure out what it can do.

3 Dots

If you see 3 dots or 3 lines, get really excited. OMG… something cool is hiding under there. CLICK ON IT! Be on the lookout! You see the 3 dots and the 3 lines all over the place these days, find out what additional features they do!

3 dots click on them

Control Z

Remember that Control Z is your friend. Click on something and then oooops, use Control Z to fix it. Control Z is undo. (Command Z on a Mac).
control z

Let’s Teach

Too often PD is about how to click on things rather than about teaching. Professional Development time is limited and precious. Let’s spend that time discussing how to realize what is now possible with the tech. How does this make learning better? What strategies can we do with this tool to really support students?

New technology is always coming.

You will never learn it all or be “caught up.” The skill is not in learning a particular tool but being able to adapt to ANY new tool. Be fearless, click on stuff!

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