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Schedule your Google Classroom Posts

Note: This post contains screenshots from the old version of Google Classroom. This works essentially the same except that you will now go to the Classwork page to click on the “Create” button. In the upper right, click on the arrow to the right of the “Assign” button to choose “Schedule”


If there was any doubt as to if the Google Classroom team listens to teacher requests, today’s new feature update proves that they do! Teachers have been clamoring for, and now can, scheduling Google Classroom assignments.

Create Post

Create an Assignment, Announcement or Question in Google Classroom. Click on the plus icon in the bottom left of Google Classroom to add your post.
Google Classroom Schedule Assignment click on plus to add a post


Create your post and locate the arrow next to the blue “Assign” button.
blue assign button google classroom arrow

Google Classroom Schedule Assignment

Clicking on the arrow provides the choice to “Schedule” the post. Choose the middle option from the drop down menu.
google classroom choose to schedule the post


Change the date and time to reflect when you want your assignment to post to the Stream. The time is editable so you can schedule it for the exact minute you want it to post.
Schedule assignment Google Classroom

Multiple Classes

If your assignment is selected to post to multiple classes it will post to all of your classes at the same time. If you want to have the assignment post to each class at separate times you will need to “Reuse post.” Remember to UNCHECK the “Create new copies of all attachments” checkbox. The beauty of using Google Docs is there is only one version and it is always current. Creating copies makes a mess of your Google Drive.
UNCHECK the google classroom duplicate attachments box

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