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I pretty much NEVER use the “Announcement” feature in Google Classroom. I use “Assignment” for everything.
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Private Comment

There are several ways you can use Google Classroom to make learning better. It is of course how you use it that makes learning better, not just that you use Google Classroom. What is amazing about Google Classroom, in my opinion, is the “private comment” spot for each assignment. Gradebooks usually allow teachers to leave comments for students but this is one way communication. Private comments in Google Classroom allow students to reply to teacher comments or initiate a question.

Locate the private comments by clicking on the assignment title in the Stream. Clicking on a students name on the left hand side reveals the private comment option in the right hand pane.
add private comment in google classroom


Private comments allow students and teachers to have conversations around their learning. Student are able to click on “Open” to view the student work page. Students can view teacher comments and reply. Unlike comments left in the Stream, private conversations on an assignment are only between the student and teacher.
google classroom students leave private comments

Asking Questions

Announcements in Google Classroom do not allow for a private comment option. Posting all activities and announcements, digital or not, in Google Classroom as an assignment gives students an opportunity to ask a question. Even when teachers have positive relationships with students it can still be intimidating to ask a question. Quiet students or those who are concerned their question is “dumb” can safely ask a question in the private comments.
posting an assignment in Google Classroom

google classroom ask a question

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