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Moderating a Twitter Chat: Google Sheets Template

Twitter Chat Moderator Template

Moderating a Twitter Chat

Twitter chats are great ways for educators to connect. Moderating a Twitter chat is definitely rewarding but requires some organization. Since “the answer is always a spreadsheet,” I created a template to facilitate the process for being a Twitter chat moderator.



Chat Information

After making a copy, fill out the first tab “Getting Started” with the chat information.twitter chat moderator spreadsheet template fill in chat details

fill in colored cells

Next Tab

Notice the tabs along the bottom. Each tab sets up different parts of the chat.
use the tabs in the spreadsheet to organize the chat


In column B are some pre-written promotional tweets. You can add additional promotional statements to column B. The hashtag is automatically included in the tweet. Click on the blue link in column D to generate a tweet.
tweet out promotions about the chat

A new tab is opened in the browser that contains the tweet. You need to click on the blue “Tweet” button to send the tweet.
click to tweet the tweet

Control W

Use the keyboard shortcut Control W to close the twitter tab and go back to the spreadsheet.


The opener tab is the tweets you will use to open the chat. Welcoming people to the chat and telling them the format. You can add additional opening messages to column B. Use Column D to click on the blue link and create the tweet.


Prepare your questions in advance on the questions tab. The Q1, Q2, etc… will automatically be appended to your tweet. Omit those from column B. The hashtag is automatically added to the end of your tweet. Simply focus on the question. Click on the blue link in column D to launch the tweet during the chat.
write questions in column B the hashtag and question will automatically be appended.


The closer tab is your statements you say at the end of the chat. Again, use column D to click on the blue link to launch the tweet.

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