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Google Sheets: Highlight and Resize Every Other Row

Select non sequential rows

Sometimes when creating a spreadsheet I need to have a blank row below my data. This has several uses: Creating a calendar, Check off box, Visual appeal.

Highlight Every Other Row on a Spreadsheet alternate rows

Control Key to Select Alternate Rows

Hold down the Control key and click on the row indicator to select it. Holding down the Control key allows you to select individual rows.  Select the all the rows you wish to resize.

Resize One Row

With multiple rows selected, resize one row by holding the cursor over the edge of the row indicator. Hold down the mouse on the line separating rows, drag to resize. All of the selected rows will resize to the same size.


While the rows are still selected, use the paint can in the toolbar to fill the rows in a specified color. Consider other formatting options such as bold or word wrap to apply to the selected rows.

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