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Google Docs: Read to It

Google Docs: Read to It

read to your google doc

I was working with a teacher today who was lamenting how she had to type a large section of text into a Google Form. If you have not tried voice typing in Google Docs, simply put, it is magical. Read to a Google Doc what you need to type. Copy and paste that into Google Forms or whatever platform you need the content in.

Tools Menu

Create a new Google Doc (docs.google.com) and use the Tools menu to choose “Voice typing…”
tools menu voice typing

The keyboard shortcut is Control Shift S.

Click on the icon that appears in the sidebar to start voice typing. While I can type very fast, I can read much faster. Say your punctuation. “period” “new line” “comma”

voice typing icon

YouTube video

List of Voice Commands

Click Here for the Google support page with the list of commands that allow you to type and edit with your voice.

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