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link to an assignment google classroom

If you have assignments that are ongoing, such as a journal, or assignments you want to refer back to, try linking to the previous assignment.

UPDATE: The directions below still work. However, Google has come up with a better way to accomplish this. You can now find the link to the assignment by clicking on the 3 dots icon on the assignment in the Stream. See my blog post.

Instructions Page

Locate the assignment in the Stream. Click on the title. At the top of the assignment grading screen it says “Instructions” and “Student Work.” Click on “Instructions.”
Instructions Page

Copy the URL

Control L will highlight the URL, Control C to copy. Copy the URL from the “Instructions” page to direct students back to this assignment.

About Tab

Linking to an ongoing assignment on the About tab makes it easy for students to locate the assignment without scrolling through the Stream. Click on “About,” create a new resource and paste the link to the instructions page into the resource.
Instructions link to from about tab


In the same way you can link to a previous assignment in a new assignment. Copy the link from the “Instructions” tab in the previous assignment and use the link icon in the new assignment to paste the link.

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