A couple of weeks ago myself and some amazing educators were invited to the Department of Education to talk with acting Secretary of Education John King. The topic was “Teacher Retention.” As a follow-up, the teaching ambassador fellows hosted a follow up a Twitter chat on January 19th.

John King TeacheratEd

Join the Chat

If you have never participated in a Twitter chat, you do not even need a Twitter account to lurk. People tweeting will include the hashtag #TeachersatED in their tweets. Do a search on Twitter for the hashtag to see what is being said. I have also embedded the tweets below.

Tips for participating in a Twitter chat:

  • Use tweetdeck.com or some other Twitter client to more easily see what is being said on the hashtag.
  • Twitter is public, do not be afraid to reply to someone and ask them a question or provide your own resource or idea.
  • In a chat, a question is asked (Q1). Respond to the question by starting your tweet with A1.
  • Do not forget to include the hashtag!
  • Include the hashtag in all replies!
    teachersated tweet

#TeachersatED Twitter Feed

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