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Google Classroom: Feedback Faster with Chrome Extension Open Side by Side

Google Classroom: Feedback Faster with Chrome Extension Open Side by Side

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My mantra is “Feedback Faster.” The faster we can provide students feedback, the more impact it has on their learning. What I love about Google Classroom is that I have access to student work before they start working on it. I am able to give students comments and feedback before the due date. The same comment given after the assignment is completed does not have the same impact as if it is given before.

Chrome Extension

Click Here for the Alice Keeler Open Side by Side Chrome Extension.

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I commissioned a Chrome extension to open links side by side. My original application was for making feedback faster in Google Classroom. Currently, I click on student work in Google Classroom, and the work opens in a new tab. I switch to that tab, assess work, close the student document, and go back to Google Classroom and leave a private comment. Viewing student work side by side with the Google Classroom assignment page increases feedback efficiency.

Right Click

After installing the Chrome extension you can right click on any link to reveal the option to “Open Side by Side.” This takes your current window and resizes it to the left half of the screen. The destination URL opens on the right half of the screen.


Students can use this Chrome extension to open the Google Classroom resources, links and their work in a side by side window.

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4 thoughts on “Google Classroom: Feedback Faster with Chrome Extension Open Side by Side

  1. Thanks for sharing the extension, which obviously comes from a goal of efficiency! I’m curious if there is a benefit in using the extension, as compared with the built-in shortcuts in both Windows and Chrome OS, which snap windows to half of the screen (Windows key + left/right arrow and Alt + left/right bracket, respectively). I often come into classes who are working on assignments, and teach the students these shortcuts so that they don’t have to keep switching back and forth to see the directions while typing in a document. I certainly can see how there are a few clicks saved here and there, and might be best for folks who won’t remember the combos, but I’m interested to know of ways that I might not have noticed yet–thanks!

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