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One Space After the Period

One Space After the Period

One space after the period

Modern practice is one space after the period.


Many of us, myself included, were taught to put 2 spaces after a period. The reason 2 spaces was the norm was because of typewriters. A typewriter gave every character, including an i and a period, the same amount of width on the page. Computers do not do this. Notice how snug the letter i is within the words.

Every style guide (MLA, Chicago, Turabian) except for APA call for a single space after the period. APA only calls for 2 spaces in a draft manuscript. (Previously APA was one space after the period in all documents and recently changed back to two for draft manuscripts.)


Space Invaders: Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period.

Grammar Girl: Two Spaces After the Period

If you learned to type on a typewriter, you’re going to hate what I say next: Do not put two spaces after a period. Don’t do it. Just use one. – Grammar Girl

Cult of Pedagogy: Nothing Says Over 40 Like Two Spaces after a Period!

Modern Practices

It is important for our students that we are updating our curriculum and practices to prepare them for the world they are going into. As we move into 2016, what skills do students need? What norms have changed? How does society function differently and how is that reflected in the classroom?

Take a look at this Edudemic article on “The 8 Skills Students Must Have For The Future.” Edutopia has an article on the “15 Characteristics of a 21st-Century Teacher.” Edsurge has an opinion piece on “Why Modern Learners Need a New Set of Skills.”

  • Digital Citizenship
    How do we help our students realize what is “dumb” to put online that could have serious consequences now and down the roat? On the flip side, how do students intentionally create an online presence that highlights the best things about them? Ignoring social media is irresponsible, we do students a grave disservice if we do not teach them how to use it properly.
  • Digital Literacy
    Using technology WILL be an integral part of students lives and jobs in the future. We do students a disservice by saying it is a preference to use technology. They need to know how to use it effectively, to trouble shoot, and to figure out new programs.
  • Advanced Search
    Seaching information is part of every day life. How to search well and to critically analyze results are not “common sense.” It is important students are taught how to do advanced search techniques.
  • Ask not Tell
    Unlike any other point in history, information is easily obtained. Even my 4 year old looks things up on YouTube. Instead of telling students information, ask complex questions. Check out agoogleaday.com for examples of complex questions.
  • Google Exists
    In the real world people have access to Google and YouTube 24/7 and they use it. In almost any social situation, someone looks something up. This is a cultural norm. This technology is not going to go away and it is only going to get better. Is what we are asking students to memorize reflective of Google existing?
  • Collaboration
    According to the Business News Daily “The most important personality trait that employers look for in early-career professionals is the ability to collaborate.”
  • Critical Thinking
    Being able to follow step by step directions is less valuable in a modern world. The ability to trouble shoot, figure things out, and find creative solutions are opportunties we need to afford our students in the classroom.
  • Entrepreneurship
    Most likely our students will not work for the same company for 50 years and earn a gold watch. That era is over. Many of our students will work from home, have some type of a flexible schedule, will do freelance work, or start their own business. The world we were preparring for is not the world our students are preparing for. Some of what we think employers are looking for are potentially outdated.

We teach the FUTURE!

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