Google Classroom Grading

Google Classroom has added some new features this week (December 2015) that make grading in Google Classroom a little easier. While I always recommend you do NOT put grades in Google Classroom, if you do use Google Classroom for grades you may be interested in these updates.

Edit Points

After creating an assignment, you can click on the assignment title in the stream to edit the default of 100 points.
Default 100

Click on “100 points” to enter an integer value for your points.
New points value google classroom

Enter Scores

You can now use the arrow keys or the enter key to enter in scores for students.
Arrow Keys

Sort Students

By default, the students are sorted by done and not done status. Click on “Sort by status” to sort the students alphabetically.
Sort students

You can sort students by first or last name.
Sort by last name Google Classroom

Send Feedback

In the bottom left-hand corner of Google Classroom is a question mark icon. Choose the “Send feedback” option to tell the Classroom team what you love about Classroom or what suggestions you have.

My wish: A focus on feedback instead of a focus on grades. Feedback faster!

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