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Google Docs: Use Snagit to Leave Audio/Visual Feedback

Google Docs: Use Snagit to Leave Audio/Visual Feedback

Snagit Feedback


Snagit is no longer offering the Chrome extension. There are many screenshot and screen recording Chrome extensions in the Chrome webstore. While the directions below are specific to the now discontinued Snagit Chrome extension, the idea is still good. You can accomplish this with other tools. If you are not on a Chromebook, consider the full version Snagit ($30) that allows you to do the same thing but much much more powerful. I love it.

Screen Capture

One of my favorite EdTech tools is Snagit. I use both the desktop version and the free Chrome extension. The Chrome extension is a great way to leave students audio and visual feedback. Snagit allows you to screen record. Snagit records your voice along with what is on your screen. This allows students to see what you are talking about. Best of all, Snagit saves the feedback to Google Drive.

Install Snagit

You need to be using Google Chrome and have installed the Snagit Chrome extension.

Resize the Window

When you screen record you want to make sure the student can see what you are seeing. I try to resize the window so it is rectangular. Almost like you are viewing a YouTube video.


If I really want to make sure the student can see what I am seeing I will zoom in on the screen. Use Control Plus to zoom in. Control Minus to zoom out and Control Zero to reset the zoom.
Control Plus

Snagit Chrome Extension

Click on the Snagit Chrome extension up next to the Omnibox.

This will launch a side panel.
Side Panel Snagit


The top options allow you to do screenshots. Underneath “VIDEO” is an option for “Screen.” Click on “Screen” to start the screen recording.

The first option is to record your entire screen. I usually only want to record the window with student work. Choose the 2nd option which is the active window you were looking at.
Second option snagit


Provide the student audio feedback. Since the screen is also being recorded you can highlight the particular element you are looking at.

Keep it Short

Keep the recording short, you can create multiple feedback comments if you wish.

Stop Sharing

At the bottom of the screen is a blue button to “Stop sharing.” Click this to end the recording.
Stop sharing snagit

Recording Window

A new window will pop up. It may take a minute for the recording to process, your bandwidth speed will matter. Keeping the recording short reduces processing time. Name the screen recording once it has processed.
Recording window

Google Drive Link

Click on the blue button in the bottom right-hand corner. Choose the option for “Google Drive link.” The video was automatically saved to Google Drive. You need the link to the video. Google Drive Link


By default items in your Google Drive are private. This means that the video you created for the student is private. The student will not be able to view or listen to the video if it is private. Change the viewing permissions on the TechSmith folder in Google Drive to anyone with the link can view. Snagit Chrome extension screen recordings are automatically saved to the TechSmith folder. If the sharing permissions on the folder are changed, then any screenshots or recordings will take on the sharing permissions of the folder. In other words, if you take the time to change the sharing permissions on the folder then all of your Snagit recordings will be visible with the link.

Insert Comment

In the Google Doc, insert a comment. I use the keyboard shortcut Control Alt M. You can also right click and choose “Comment” from the menu.
Control Alt M

Paste (Control V) the link to the feedback recording into the comment. Students can click on the link to view the video and hear your feedback.
Paste feedback comment

Google Classroom

Instead of pasting the link into a comment in a Google Doc, you can paste the feedback link into the private comment spot in Google Classroom.


2 thoughts on “Google Docs: Use Snagit to Leave Audio/Visual Feedback

  1. Hey Alice
    i am a french high teacher in Utah…. I love the idea of this new extension “Snagit”….I have been using Screencastify a lot in my classroom for oral assignment and reading assignment. It is really great for my students. When screencastify has issue , i like to use the app Movenotes. it’s also really cool and easy to use… you can upload what ever doc or slide that you have in your drive and record yourself presenting the information. I am also combining both app and doing interview with my students , it’s pretty cool….I just discover stupeflix and we are having with it at the moment….. I can not wait for the next year to use Snagit and i will get back with you if i have any questions…. Merci beaucoup , Lou Lfbrancourt@granitesd.org

  2. Hi Alice. This seems very time consuming..Kaizenza works immediately as you highlight the part you want to discuss and record or type your comment.

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