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Gmail: Create Hyperlink Text

Gmail: Create Hyperlink Text

Gmail Hyperlink

Copying and pasting a URL into an email can be really ugly.
Email with a link


Type text into the email that will signal to the reader to click on the text. Choose descriptive text besides just “Click Here.” Indicate where the link will be directing the person to. Highlight the text. Tip: Hold down the shift key and use the arrow keys to highlight text one character at a time. This is particularly handy when you highlight text and miss a couple of letters.
Highlight Text

Control K

The keyboard shortcut Control K (Command K on a Mac) will create a hyperlink. Alternatively, there is a link icon in a toolbar along the bottom of Gmail.
Control K

Link icon

Linked Text

The text is now a live hyperlink. After sending the email the recipients can click on text that is descriptive of the link.
Hyperlinked Text

Digital Citizenship

It is important when reading an email with hyperlinked text that you know what you are clicking on before you click on it. Hover over the hyperlinked text before clicking on it. The destination URL will appear in the bottom left hand corner of your screen. Check before you click!
Check the destination URL

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