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15 Ways to Use Google Classroom in Physical Education

15 Ways to Use Google Classroom in Physical Education

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  1. Post Activities: Post what students are doing daily.
  2. Mark as Done: Have students mark off what they have completed
  3. Share Announcements: Let students know when it is a dress out day or other announcements.
  4. Use the Calendar: Any assignments with a due date automatically appear in the class Google Calendar. Students can see what is coming up in PE on their calendar.
  5. Post Videos: Link to videos of skills that students need to know for their PE activities. Link to safety videos to help students know how to exercise safely.
  6. Post Resources: Post resources about game rules and activities. Help students to go beyond the PE classroom.
  7. Go Paperless: Passing out paper in PE can be a challenge, posting any handouts in Google Classroom makes it easy to handout and for students to find.
  8. Post Syllabus: Post the class syllabus in the About tab.
  9. Ask Questions: Students can post any questions they have to the class stream. Classmates can jump in and answer any time of day.
  10. Poll the Class: Ask the students questions through Google Classroom. Let their ideas help shape some of the activities.
  11. Keep a Log: Attach a Google Sheets spreadsheet for students to log their activity or nutrition intake that is being suggested by the experts from numan.
  12. Create a Plan: Students can create Google Docs right from Google Classroom. They can use this to plan out an activity or to reflect on their progress.
  13. Use Google Forms: Google Forms is great for collecting data. Students can report their activity, how many laps they ran, etc.. Attaching Forms in Google Classroom gives you a count of who has filled out the form.
  14. Students Submit Videos: Students can use an app such as Coaches Eye or just the regular camera on a mobile device. These videos can be attached into a Google Classroom assignment to allow you to view student form.
  15. Provide Feedback: Use the private comment feature in Google Classroom to give students feedback on their activities. Either from videos they posted or classroom observations. Private notes can be made directly into the Google Classroom app.

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