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Google Classroom: See Submission History

Submission History Google Classroom

When students submit an assignment in Google Classroom the date and time is recorded in the submission history. Students have the ability to unsubmit assignments. Unsubmissions are also recorded in the Google Classroom submission history. Clicking on a student on the left side of the assignment grading page reveals the students submitted work and private comments. There is also a small link under the students name on the right side panel that says “(See submission history).” Click on the link to reveals the timestamp of each time the student submitted or unsubmitted.

Google Classroom submission history

23 thoughts on “Google Classroom: See Submission History”

  1. What about a time stamp for when a teacher submits an assignment? There is one on the day the assignment is assigned but once that day is over the time stamp switches to a date stamp. What if you need to know the time the assignment was submitted, in order to verify something.

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        1. I believe students should be accountable for meeting deadlines successfully. This is a real world skill to learn. That’s your prerogative if you want to give student’s a gray area for their submissions but the reality is employers, taxes, forms, bills , job applications and deadlines are not so gray when you grow up.

          1. Actually, they are. There are very few things that are due at an exact minute. Do what is good for learning. Relationships are good for learning. Being a jerk and not taking something minutes later is never perceived as a lesson well learned, it’s perceived that you’re a jerk which will result in less learning.

        2. Nice summary, very helpful. However, I am not following why the admin is saying that there is no need to know the exact time a document was submitted. My daughter submitted a document before a 5:00 deadline. We know the time because we stopped off at a restaurant specifically to get the document in before the deadline. But now the teacher is saying it was submitted after 5:00 and considerably docking her grade (which is why I was looking for this article). Having a time and date stamp would seem to be an easy way to avoid such disputes.

          1. I will tell this to anyone’s face. That is JERKY. There is no need for a time stamp. There is a need for reasonable policies. Not taking a kids paper because you need a time stamp is incredibly jerky. Flat out. I hope you will have a nice meeting with the teacher and explain that this is unacceptable and not “real world.”

        3. Google classroom should provide the time by which the assignment is delayed. If a assignment is delayed by just one sec it shows that it is done late. In addition to showing “Done late”, it should mention that “The work was submitted 1 sec late”. It will help the teacher to keep some linenancy between what is late and what is just near to the deadline.

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