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Google Classroom: Resubmit Assignments

Google Classroom: Resubmit Assignments

resubmit to Google Classroom

When students complete work in Google Classroom there is not a notification to alert the teacher that it has been submitted. In a mastery learning model we want students to continue to revise their work until they reach the desired level of mastery. If work is being submitted after you have already given feedback it can be easy for that submission to be overlooked.

Insert Comments

If a student leaves a private comment in Google Classroom the teacher will receive an email notification and link to the assignment. Instruct students to leave a private comment asking for feedback when turning in assignments for revision.
Google Classroom revisions

Post a New Assignment

Knowing that several of my students needed me to take a second look at their project after the first round of feedback I posted a new assignment to Google Classroom. Students are asked to add from Google Drive the assignment they previously submitted.
Create a new assignment

This system of posting a new assignment [tweet]makes it easy to locate student work in need of feedback.[/tweet] The student documents are added to a new assignment folder in Google Drive, thus allowing me to access all of the student documents at once in Google Drive. The files are not removed from the previous assignment folder. In other words, the documents are in both folders in Google Drive.

Since I number my assignments, if I am asking for a resubmission of a specific assignment I will give it the same assignment number and add the letter b to it. Thus what was originally assignment #023 I will ask for resubmissions as #023b. If I am posting a general resubmission opportunity where students can resubmit any work they have worked on then I will use the next sequential number.

Note that students must be the owner of a document to turn it in. When students submit a document in Google Classroom the ownership is transferred from the student to the teacher. If the teacher still has ownership of the document the student will not be able to submit it to a new assignment. Either you have to return the document to the student or the student needs to unsubmit from the previous assignment.

6 thoughts on “Google Classroom: Resubmit Assignments

  1. Hi Alice,
    Thank you for your Google Classroom insight. Based on what I’m seeing above, there is no way that the teacher can get notified of a resubmission (or even a late submission after I’ve graded the assignments) unless they send a private comment? The problem I am having is that although my students have been given these instructions, they seem to forget to comment so that I get notified.

    1. This seems like a reasonable request and workflow. Students always forget something no matter what you do. Periodically post an announcement reminding students of how to submit late work. If they have not received an updated notification, they need to go back in and leave you a comment.

  2. My daughter turned in her assignment on time in her Google classroom. The assignment is timestamped that it was received and shared with the appropriate people and teacher by the assigned date and time. The teacher did not leave any comments. The very next day the teacher stated that the assignment was never received. My daughter’s assignment when opened had a RSUBMIT button. Why would there be a resubmit button if no comments were made and teacher never made any responses to her assignment that was turned in? Could the teacher have clicked a button? As far my child, the assignment was turned in and dated on time, so she didn’t check foe her grade until the next day. She approached the teacher and the teacher did not want to address my daughter’s concerns about a RESUBMIT button.

    1. There will be a resubmit button when the teacher returns the assignment. Classroom is designed to return. All assignments should be returned. If the student has updates after the teacher returned they can resubmit to alert the teacher.

  3. Hi! As a teacher, do you know how to let a student resubmit a test if they turn it in already? Can you send it back to them so they can retake it? Can they turn a test in without seeing the responses they got wrong until I release that info?

    1. Do you mean a Google Form? Essentially no, they can not resubmit. You can turn on “allow editing” and then Google Classroom will allow them back in if it was assigned in Classroom.

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