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Google Forms is Now Purple

Google Forms is Now Purple


Google Forms is the best thing since sliced bread. I hope you are using it to teach. Go to forms.google.com to start creating a Google Form. Google Forms recently updated the logo to be purple. This is great news since it was confusing to have the Google Forms and Google Sheets logo to both be green. Even better, now Google Forms and Sheets logos match the AliceKeeler logo! To celebrate I used my Polar 3D printer to print out the logos and make keychains. You can download the .STL files for 3D printing of Google logos at mkrclub.com.

New Google Forms

Along with a logo color upgrade, Google Forms has a whole new facelift. Go to THIS LINK to opt into the new Google Forms. Not all the old features are there yet. For example, you can not randomize question order yet. Give it a try. If the features you need are not there, click on the little picture of a man in the bottom left corner to return to old Google Forms.
New Google Forms is purple


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3 thoughts on “Google Forms is Now Purple

  1. I love the switch to purple. SOOOOO much easier to find forms within Drive. I’ve played around the the new forms as well, can’t say that I’m blown away. The interface tweaks are fine, but I didn’t have any issues with the old interface, so I wouldn’t call it a tremendous step forward. The big change seems to be an improvement in the responsive design of forms. I loaded the same form using both the new and old views and did agree that the new forms provides an improved experience on a mobile device.

    1. I would agree with you. The distinction between the purple and green is so much better! The new forms look less overwhelming but I’m disappointed with the theme options so far, they seem very basic and lacking the complete customization that was just added to the old forms.

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