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Google Classroom: Link to Other Google Classes

Google Classroom: Link to Other Google Classes

Multiple classes for Algebra

One thing I love about Google Classroom is that it is not rostered. I can create a Google Classroom class for any purpose. After school club, collaboration groups for my students, differentiated spaces, special projects, challenge activities, remediation resources, etc…

Class Within a Class

There are many good reasons to have multiple Google Classroom classes within a single class. For example if I teach high school algebra I can create an additional Google Classroom class for

  • Practice resources. Skills such as common denominator can be challenging for some algebra students, but is not part of the Algebra curriculum. Provide videos, digital practice quizzes and other resources to help support students with pre requisite skills.
  • Problem of the week. I might want to create a Google Classroom class to allow students to explore challenging problems. Since the problems are optional, I would not want to put them in my regular class as if it were an assignment.
  • Differentiated project groups. If students are working in groups on real world problems that demonstrate “persevering in problem-solving.” The projects require students to add to it and work over it a long period of time. A separate class might be the way to organize that.

Link to Class

Each Google Classroom class has a unique class URL. When making reference to one of the other classes you’ve set up for the same students, provide the link to that class. Open the other class (I do this in a different tab) and copy the URL once I am viewing the stream. This link will take students directly to that class, thus minimizing confusion.
Link to other Google Classroom Class

Link to Assignment

Each assignment has a unique URL also. Instead of linking to the general stream you may find it helpful to link to the assignment itself. After creating the assignment click on the assignment title. Once you are on the grading view, you can copy the link at the top. The URL has 2 ID numbers in it. The first set of numbers and letters in the URL is the class ID. The second set of numbers and letters is the assignment ID. If you provide students with the link to the assignment, which includes the assignment ID, they will connect from one Google Classroom class to the assignment in another class.
Link to the assignment

Chrome Extensions

I have two Chrome extensions that might be helpful.

Classroom Split

Click Here to install the Classroom Split Chrome extension. This pushes the students work to the left and opens Google Classroom to the right. When using multiple Google Classroom classes, this can be particularly helpful to students.

Gradebook Split

Click Here to install the Gradebook Split Chrome extension. This is intended for teachers to have their gradebook side by side with Google Classroom to make inputting grades and feedback easier. After installing, right click on the chrome extension to set the default destination. Students can use this extension also. The settings allow them to set ANY website as the default. The default could be the other Google Classroom class.

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