Fall 2015 6 New Google Classroom Updates (2)

Note: These features are rolling out over the next several weeks. You may not see all of them right away. 

For Fall 2015, Google Classroom has 6 new updates

  • Move a Post: Use the 3 dots on the assignment or announcement to move the post back up to the top of the stream.
  • Reuse Post: You can now edit and reuse a previous assignment or announcement. Posts can be from the current class, other classes or archived classes.
  • Post a Question: A 3rd option has been added to Google Classroom as to what you can post to the stream. You can now post a question, see how many students have answered the question and assign points for students completing the question.
  • Calendar Integration: A Google Calendar for each class will be created. Assignments with due dates will automatically be added to the calendar.
  • Optional Due Dates: Not every assignment needs a due date. Now you can toggle off due date when creating an assignment. Note that these will now not show in the “upcoming assignments” and they will not be added to the class calendar.
  • Attach a Google Form: Rolling out later is an easier way to attach Google Forms in Google Classroom. When browsing Google Drive for a Form, Classroom will automatically provide students with the live view of the Form to allow them to fill it out. A link to the results page will also be automatically linked in Google Classroom to make it easier for the teacher to view the results.

Link to graphic in Google Draw.
Link to smaller graphic in Google Draw.
Please feel free to use this graphic when working with teachers and students. Please do not publish to your blog or other public site.

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