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3D Printer: My Kindergartener Made This

Polar 3D printer

If you do not know what a 3D printer is, simply it melts plastic to create 3D models of things. I just got a Polar 3D printer. It was super easy to set up and because, unlike other 3D printers, the slicing software is part of the printer I can go from drawing something to printing it in literally minutes.

I was wondering how doable is it for little kids to model things for a 3D printer. My 5 year old just started Kinder last week so I pulled up the modeling program Tinkercad and asked her to create a circle. She did not know how to use the trackpad on my laptop, normally she uses an iPad. It took me probably 30 seconds to get her being able to click and hold down with her thumb and wiggle with her finger. In less than 2 minutes she had drawn a circle and we downloaded it to print.
Kindergartener models a circle

Using I simply had to click on the “Objects” menu on the side and click on “Upload .stl” file.
Upload file

I then click on “Printers” on the side to choose to print the object I have uploaded. Literally within 2 minutes of starting to model an object it was printing on the Polar 3D printer.
Melting Plastic

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