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Google Educators – New Hashtags #GoogleEDU #GoogleEI #GoogleET

Google Educators – New Hashtags #GoogleEDU #GoogleEI #GoogleET

Hashtag Dictionary

Recently Google for Education updated the types of Google certifications. Google Certified Teachers are now Google for Education Certified Innovators. Google Education Trainers are now Google for Education Certified Trainers. New hashtags are

Visit the Training Center

Want to learn more about Google Apps and Google for Education? Check out the training center.


 Follow Them All

You can easily follow all the hashtags at once by creating a column in Tweetdeck.

Start by doing a search for #GoogleEDU.

Click the blue “Add Column” button at the bottom of the search.
Add Column

In the newly created column, click on the settings lines. In the first row, which is labeled “Content” click on the arrow to expand the options
Tweetdeck column settings

Use capital letters to write the word OR after the #GoogleEDU in the content. You want to tell the column to find content with #GoogleEDU OR #GoogleEI OR #GoogleET
Using OR

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