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What Would Your Students Say About Your Lesson?

What Would Your Students Say About Your Lesson?

Student Voice

How do your students honestly feel about the lesson after the lesson? It is incredibly hard to differentiate for each student, engage all learners, incite their passions, individualize, and have them do this at high DOK levels. Hard, nearly impossible. Isn’t that the ultimate goal though?!

I saw some tweets on Twitter by @jrochelle who was retweeting some student tweets he found on Twitter (minus their Twitter handle). He uses the hashtag #stuvoice to indicate the importance of listening to students.
Search for “math lesson” here, get incredibly insightful (&funny) Student Voice #stuvoice. Next (re)tweets are a few w/o student handles

#stuvoice : “I gauge how difficult the math lesson is going to be by the circumference of Mr. Castillo’s armpit sweat”

#stuvoice : “my math teacher tried to teach a lesson in the last 5 minutes of class & gave hw on it. 🙁

#stuvoice: “I’m lazy to do my math homework bc I get the lesson and I don’t wanna do it.”

#stuvoice (math lesson – last one for now): “math is getting harder every lesson
and my motivation slowly fading away” 🙁

#stuvoice (math lesson): “[teacher] spends most of his time telling us what he likes and doesnt like about math than the actual lesson”

#stuvoice (math lesson): “why the *** is my math teacher trying to teach us poker & blackjack what does this have to do with our lesson?”

#stuvoice (math lesson): “Crying bc of this math lesson”

#stuvoice (math lesson): “Missed one lesson in math and I’m lost as ***.”

How can you find a way to let your students have a voice in your class? How do student opinions and interests influence what happens in the classroom?

2 thoughts on “What Would Your Students Say About Your Lesson?

  1. Do Ss tweet from a class Twitter account, IOW anonymously? Or from their personal account? If the latter, I’m surprised they aren’t embarrassed to write their true impressions.

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