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Google Classroom Chrome Extension

Google Classroom Chrome Extension

Recently Google Classroom came out with the ability for websites to have a share to Google Classroom button. One of my favorite examples is Flat (https://flat.io/en) which allows for collaborative music composition online. With the click of a button teachers can assign Flat to their music students right to the Google Classroom stream. Students can submit their work directly from Flat to Google Classroom.
flat to classroom


Assign Flat to Google Classroom



Students are able to use the Share to Classroom button to submit work to Google Classroom. Students click on the button, choose the class they are submitting work to and then which assignment they want to submit to.
Student submit assignment

Chrome Extension

For websites that do not natively include the share to Google Classroom button, there is a Chrome extension (not made by Google, made by @MrCaffrey) that allows teachers to assign webpages directly to Google Classroom and students to submit their work. . Click on the extension, choose your class you want to assign the webpage to and create your assignment. This will be published to the stream in Google Classroom.
Google Classroom Chrome extension

Choose assignment or announcement

Create assignment

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    1. the URL to what they are working on. So say they are doing a thinklink. Instead of highlighting the URL to the thinglink, copying the url, going to classroom and pasting the link into the assignment…. the chrome extension captures the link and submits it automatically.

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