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Google Chrome: Bring Back Your Tabs

Google Chrome: Bring Back Your Tabs

Chrome Tabs

Maybe you’re like me, and you rock 42 tabs at once in Google Chrome. This can really slow down your computer. The more tabs you have, the slower your machine is going to run. I sometimes need to restart my laptop to regain its zip. Note: I use the Chrome extension “Too Many Tabs” to count how many tabs I have open. It also allows me to save tabs for later. This frees up processing power on my computer.

If you need to shut down your machine or it crashes you can easily bring back the tabs in Google Chrome you were working on.

Control Shift T

control shift t


Control Shift T brings back a closed tab. You can do this when you accidentally close a tab to bring it back. You can use this keyboard shortcut repeatedly to bring back multiple tabs. For example I will occasionally need a tab I had closed earlier in the day. I will use Control Shift T, Control Shift T, Control Shift T, Control Shift T to bring back the last 4 tabs I had closed. While I can use the browser history, this is faster once you get use to the shortcut.

Bring Them All Back

If you shut down your computer and this closed you out of a bunch of Google Chrome tabs you can easily get right back to where you were. Immediately after launching Chrome use Control Shift T. This will bring back your tabs you had open before you shut down.

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