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4 Chrome Extensions for Teachers – May 2015

4 Chrome Extensions for Teachers – May 2015
Chrome extensions for teachers


simple extension manager If you are like me, you have way way way too many Chrome extensions. The more extension you have, the more likely you are to run into your browser crashing or running slowly. SimpleExtManager allows you to toggle your Chrome extensions on and off. For those extensions that you use less regularly you can leave them off until you need them.
Check the extensions

Click Here to install the SimpleExtManager Chrome extension.

Google Scholar

Google ScholarI use Google Scholar (http://scholar.google.com) all the time to find research articles. This invaluable tool now has a Chrome extension. Click on the extension to search for scholarly articles on your subject.
Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 4.42.37 PM

Clicking on the title links me to the article. The quotation icon on the right site shows me the APA, MLA or Chicago style citation for the article. Since I have linked Google Scholar to my library, I am also able to pull up articles that are available in the school databases. I highly recommend having your students use Google Scholar.

Click Here to install the Google Scholar Chrome extension.


TwitShotTwitShot allows you to take a screen capture of the web page you are looking at and tweet it out. Your tweets will gain twice the engagement when you include a picture (says Guy Kawasaki). When you, or your students, find web pages or articles that you want to share on the class hashtag, use the TwitShot extension to share the link with a picture.

Click Here to install the TwitShot Chrome extension.

Hypothesis –  Web & PDF Annotation

HypothesisAfter you create an account on Hypothesis, you can add notes to web pages and PDF’s. These notes are available to other users of the Hypothesis. This allows teachers and students to  collaboratively add comments to a web page.

Click Here to install the Hypothesis Chrome extension.

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