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Connect Your School Library to Google Scholar

Connect Your School Library to Google Scholar

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If your students are trying to do research to find scholarly articles Google Scholar can be very helpful. While some of the articles are freely available in HTML or PDF format, many are journal articles that the general public does not have access to.

If your school library has subscriptions to the journal it is possible to access the journal article from Google Scholar. If your library is not connected to Google Scholar, talk with the school librarian to get it set up. If you are a student at a university, most likely your library is connected to Google Scholar. K12 libraries are also able to link to Google Scholar.

Log In

You do not have to be logged in with your school email address, but you do need to be logged into your Google account. For example, I primarily utilize my personal Gmail over my university Google Apps account.


At the top of Google Scholar is a link to “More” options. Click on this and choose “Settings.”

Library Links

Click on the “Library Links” tab in the settings. By default Google Scholar searches “Open WorldCat.”
Library Links Google Scholar

Locate Your School

In the search box type in the name of your school. Select the checkbox and click on the blue save button.
Google Scholar search university library links
High School Google Scholar linking

Find It At…

After linking your library to Google Scholar you will notice on the right hand side the option to locate some articles through your school library. You will still have to sign into your school library account in order to access the articles. If you are unsure of how to sign into your school library please contact your librarian.
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