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Microsoft Office: Customize Quick Access Toolbar

Microsoft Office: Customize Quick Access Toolbar

In Microsoft Office products, you can customize the Quick Access Toolbar. This allows you to quickly choose the tasks you use most often. For example when using Microsoft PowerPoint I am frequently adding new slides. To add a new slide I go to the Home tab or the Insert tab on the Ribbon. Instead of switching tabs I am able to customize the Quick Access Toolbar at the very top left of the screen to allow me to quickly add a new slide.

Drop Down Arrow

Look along the top of your Office product right above the Ribbon. At the end of the small icons in the Quick Access Toolbar is a small drop down arrow.
quick access toolbar

You can choose from commonly used quick access options or choose “More Commands…” for additional options.
More commands quick access toolbar


More Commands

Choosing “More Commands” gives you a list of functions that you might do. Notice by default a list of “Popular Commands” is displayed. This can be changed to show “All Commands” or “Commands Not in the Ribbon.” Locate the function you frequently use and click on it. Click on “Add>>” to add it to the Quick Access Toolbar. Click “OK.”
new slide quick start toolbar

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