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I like to use a spreadsheet to tweet things. There is a formula you can use in a spreadsheet that allows you to click on a hyperlink and compose a tweet. You can create a list of questions for your Twitter chat. Using the spreadsheet allows you to more easily tweet out the questions. If you have some quotes that you like to tweet often you can create a list in a spreadsheet and simply click on the hyperlink to tweet out your quotes. Crowdsource information from people and then tweet out their contributions.


Click Here for the Click Here to Tweet Template


After making a copy of the template you will want to place your hashtag in cell F2.
place your hashtag

The Click to Tweet formula allows you to concatenate up to 5 columns. Probably you only need to use one or two columns. Delete the column headers in columns A to E. Replace them with the information you want to collect.
replace column headers

As information is placed into column A a link will show up in column G. This link to tweet will combine whatever information is in the first five columns of the row. The click to tweet formula will also automatically include the hashtag you put into F2. In a Google spreadsheet when you click on a hyperlink the link actually appears below the link. Click on the “Go to link” to launch the tweet.
Click to tweet

After clicking on the link a new tab is opened to send the tweet. Tip: Use Control W to close the tab to get back to the spreadsheet to tweet the next item on your spreadsheet.
Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 7.20.54 PM


Symbols can mess up the click to tweet link. Avoid using the & or # symbols. If you need to use symbols in your tweet instead use the HEX code. For example use %23 instead of #. Use %26 instead of &.

Sample: Follow the hashtag %23coffeeEDU to find out more about these 1 hour unconference events.

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