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Giving a PowerPoint is NOT a Student Centered Lesson

PowerPoint is not exciting


21st Century teaching models call for a more student centered classroom. No longer is the teacher the holder of all knowledge. Students are able to conduct research, use social media tools to ask questions and find new information. If we are asking students in each lesson to Communicate their ideas, Collaborate, Critically Think and to use Creativity (which is not art projects) then the lessons need to be centered around the students actively being engaged in an activity.

A teacher created PowerPoint can absolutely be helpful in classroom instruction. However, we need to start moving away from the PowerPoint being the center of the lesson where students are told the information. While some presentations can certainly be fun, usually this is not a highly engaging activity for students. Instead of telling students information, try asking interesting questions that require the students to research, validate the authority of the information and create something with the information.

Bing provides daily lesson plans via PowerPoint or OneNote that ask an essential question for students to research the answer. These PowerPoints are free to use. Use them directly with your students or use them for ideas on writing essential questions.

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