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Google Drive: Having Multiple Collaborators Collaborate with You

Google Drive: Having Multiple Collaborators Collaborate with You

Multiple People

I had someone on Twitter pose the problem that they are working with 150 teachers who will each be creating a Google Document and sharing it with him. He wanted to know the best way to manage all of the 150 files without having to deal with them one at a time in “Incoming.”

Create a Folder

In Google Drive create a folder.

Share the Folder

Right click on the folder to be anyone with the link can edit.
Share right click on google drive folder

Click on the “Get shareable link” in the upper right hand corner. This will automatically copy the link to the folder to your clipboard.
Get Sharable Link Google Docs

Click on the arrow next to “Anyone with the link can view” and instead choose “Anyone with the link can edit.” If you have a Google Apps account the default options will be to share with people who are on your domain. In that case click on “More…” to find the option to allow anyone to edit.

Share the Folder Link

In Google Drive click one time on the folder to select the folder. Locate the chain link icon in the toolbar. The link is not automatically copied, you will need to use the keyboard shortcut Control C on a PC or Command C on a Mac.
Share Folder Link

Email Link

Distribute this link to the people you want to collaborate with. When they open the link they will see a preview of the folder. In the upper right hand corner is a blue button that gives them the option to “Add to Drive.”

The blue button then changes to an “Open in Drive” option.
Open in Drive

Collaborators Add Files

Now that the collaborators have the folder in their Google Drive any files they add to the folder will automatically be shared with you and happily all in the same place.

Try It

CLICK HERE to try adding a file to my Google Drive folder.

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