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If you are using Google Classroom you may want to consider adding a permalink to a Google Hangout (GHO) onto the “About” section of Google Classroom. This creates a permanent video call that you can use for office hours, to schedule informal meetings with students or for having tutoring hours.


In Google Classroom there are 3 sections: STREAM, STUDENTS, and ABOUT. The 3rd section allows you to post information about the class in general along with materials such as the syllabus, link to the classroom or school website, office hours and tutoring.
Google Classroom About

Google Calendar

In Google Calendar ( you can set the settings to always create a video conference link.
Google Calendar Settings

The settings screen has a lot of options. Scroll way down to find “Automatically add video calls to events I create:” and make sure this is set to “Yes.” Click on the “Save” button down at the bottom.

Create Office Hours

Create a calendar event in Google Calendar. Instead of selecting “Create event,” click on the blue hyperlink to “Edit event.”
Edit Event

Double check that a video invite was created. You can also write a description for the event you are creating. Click “save.”

GHO Link

In Google Calendar click on the event to open the event options. It should now show “Join video call” as a hyperlink. Click on this link to launch Google Hangout. If this is your first time launching Google Hangout you will need to install the plugin.
Join video call


Copy the Jump In Link

The URL at the top of the video call is the “jump in link.” Use control L to highlight the URL (or highlight it with your mouse). Use control C to copy the URL. Mac users use Command L and Command C. Copy the URL

Add Materials

On the ABOUT page in Google Classroom is the option to “Add materials.” Click on this to add your Office Hours link.
Add Materials

Title Your Materials

Title your materials appropriately for the resource you are adding. There are many reasons you may want to provide a permalink to a Google Hangout. Office hours being one, but how about a video chat room for students to meet up in when they want to help each other study?

Paste the Link

Click on the chain link icon to link to the permalink URL for your video chats.
Chain Link

Use Control V (Command V on the Mac) to paste the URL in the box and click on “ADD.” Click on the blue POST button.
Paste the URL and Add


This link should be active all year. Tell students to meet you in your virtual office and they will use the same link to get there every time. Students simply log into Google Classroom, click on “ABOUT” and link to the virtual office hours.


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