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A Few Tricks for Filling Out a Form

A Few Tricks for Filling Out a Form
Creative Commons Image by Thompson Rivers

You probably have to fill out a lot of online forms. Here are a few tricks to make it easier.


Do not use the mouse to maneuver the form. After typing in your first name hit TAB. This should take you to the next field in your form. Get in the habit of selecting TAB after filling out each piece of information.
tab key

Shift Tab

Tab takes you to the next field but what happens if you need to edit the previous field? Hold down the SHIFT key while you strike the TAB key. This will select the previous field. In other words, you go backwards on the form.
shift tab

Press U to find United States

When a form contains a drop down list you do not have to scroll through the entire list to find what you are looking for. Many forms want you to select what country you are from. Since many of us live in the United States this means we have to scroll through the entire list of countries to get down to the bottom.

Click on the drop down list in the form and strike the U key. Possibly this returned Uganda or some other U country. Keep striking the U key until it cycles to the “United States.” This trick of course works with other options as well. Are you from a C state? California, Colorado, Connecticut, etc… keep striking the C key until your state comes around.

Control Z

Have you ever typed in information into a field on a form and accidentally erased what you just had? Control Z is the undo keyboard shortcut. Depending on what you did this will not always work but it is worth a try. Hold down the CONTROL key and strike the Z key. You can do this multiple times to do multiple undo’s.


For personal information make sure the URL of the form starts with https and not http.

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