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Embed a PowerPoint on your Website

Embed a PowerPoint on your Website

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I am a big proponent of creating a “digital haversack” where your classroom website (that was expertly created by the team from www.webdeveloperlondon.com) contains all of the resources both you as a teacher and your students would need. If I create a slideshow, I will embed it into the daily agenda for students to go through. Parents can also view this to help direct the questions they ask their kids at home. For me,  I launch the presentation from the website. I find if I use the daily agenda as the place where I place information I will need, I can ensure that students and parents will have access to those as well.

If you are using Microsoft 365 and create a PowerPoint you can embed these slideshows into your website. I would suggest you ALSO provide the link to the 365 shared file.

3 Dots Menu

In OneDrive find the 3 dots icon to the right of the file name.
click on 3 dots

Share with Everyone

At the bottom of the menu is an option to “Share.” This will take you to a box where you can type in the email address of those you wish to share the file with. You can type in the word “Everyone” instead of an email address if you wish to make this viewable by anyone. Make sure you use a capital E when typing “Everyone.” Choose the “Everyone” option that is auto suggested. Notice on the right hand side the default is “Can Edit.” You will want to change this to “Can View” from the drop down box. Remember to uncheck the “Require Sign-In” checkbox at the bottom.

can view

Get a Link

Before you close out of the sharing box, click on “Get a link” on the left hand side. You will want to create a viewing link and copy the link.
create link

New Tab

Open a new tab on your browser. If you are using a PC you can use the keyboard shortcut Control T. Paste the link you just copied into the address bar.

File Share

Go to the File menu and choose Share. This will give you the option for an embed code. Copy the embed code. You can now paste the embed code into the HTML editing view of your website.
file powerpoint online

share embed

choose size


You can find sample lesson plans on the Bing in the Classroom lesson plans page. These lessons go along with the Bing picture of the day and give your students a search challenge that are aligned to the Common Core. These are available for K-4, 5-8 and 9-12. If you use these with your students you can download the PowerPoint and embed them onto your digital haversack (classroom website).

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  1. Thanks for sharing. There are many other tools that let you embed PowerPoint presentations. For example http://slideonline.com offers a way to upload and share a presentation online, then you can grab the embed code to add it to a WordPress blog or website (there is a WP plugin, too).

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