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A List of Twitter Educators by Subject Area

I teach pre-service teachers at Fresno State and I encourage them to develop their PLN on Twitter. A few of them requested Tweeps to follow that are subject specific.

A Twitter Win

This list by itself is a Twitter win. I had filled in a few Twitter handles and set the Google Spreadsheet to anyone can edit. You will notice how the list has exploded, truly crowdsourced. Some folks added additional columns and someone made the header look spiffy.

Add Tweeps

Do you know educators who are a good follow on Twitter? Tweeps who share resources, tweet about education and are willing to help other educators. Add to the list. Go to and type in a Twitter handle.

18 thoughts on “A List of Twitter Educators by Subject Area”

  1. For art, I also like @KidsCreateArt, @artgirl2, @art_cathyhunt, @peterhreynolds, @FresnoArts, @mrszickartchick, @greeneyegal, @ArtLadyHBK, @theartofed. For edtech, I like @julikimbley, @willkimbley,@jcorippo, @CoderDojo, @edutopia, @jordosh (gamifiction).

    1. They are for different purposes. Certainly you can get more into a topic when you are not constrained to 140 characters. However, then people can post more than 140 characters…. You are exposed to less ideas when you have to sift through more words.

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