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To-Do List Competition: Level UP

To-Do List Competition: Level UP

Level Up

For my doctoral program I am part of a cohort. This means that all of us have the same assignments that need to be completed. We have found that it is motivating to know that someone in the cohort has completed a task, thus lighting a fire under other cohort members. We created a Google spreadsheet to keep track of all the assignments due during the semester. Each person who voluntarily wanted to participate created a column for themselves to check off when they have completed a task. This was helpful, but after adding a gamification element to the to-do list it really got fun.

For each of the tasks I assigned it an arbitrary number of “XP” points. These point values are not related to the point values in the class. For a regular task I assigned 10 XP points and then considered the difficulty of the other tasks in comparison to that.

As we complete tasks we mark an X in our column. This automatically adds the XP values to our individual totals. This is then compared to a chart of levels to determine our level in the to-do list game.

The Template


1 thought on “To-Do List Competition: Level UP

  1. What a cool idea!
    I may share this with my colleague who is flipping her classroom.
    In fact — I may do this with my band students!

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