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Use a GIF instead of YouTube

Use a GIF instead of YouTube
Using Virtual Manipulatives in Google Draw

Link to post on Virtual Manipulative’s: http://goo.gl/BaHklV 

If your school blocks YouTube a work around could be to use a GIF creator. I create a screen capture to demonstrate computer techniques and upload it to YouTube. I have the MakeGIF Video Capture Chrome extension that will convert part of the video to an animated GIF. Embedding the GIF on your webpage will show the segment of the YouTube video without having to source YouTube.

Install the Extension



Using Google Chrome web browser Click Here to install the Chrome extension.


Make or Find a YouTube Video

Minecraft GIF
Link to YouTube video: http://goo.gl/3U0YIL


Go to YouTube and locate an educational video you want to share with students. If the video is audio dependent this trick will not work for you. Creating a GIF does not include the sound.

Long Divide by Diane Main
This parody music video by Diane Main is not as good in a GIF, but can still glean a little bit of Diane’s awesomeness. Link to the actual YouTube video: http://goo.gl/5UbvEO.

Click on the Extension

Click on the extension icon to start recording the frames. You can record up to 500 frames which is about 50 seconds. If the video is paused clicking on “Start” will start the video and the GIF capture.
Start GIF

Generate GIF

Click “Done” or let the maximum 500 frames run out. Click the “Generate GIF” button to start GIF creation.
Generate GIF

Download GIF

Once the GIF has rendered you can click on “Save GIF” to download the image file to your computer.
Save GIF

Inserting this image onto your website will play the video segment in a loop, no pressing play or streaming required.


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