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Add Your Classroom to Classroompics.com

Add Your Classroom to Classroompics.com


barton class


The picture above is my husbands English/History classroom. We literally tossed out all of the desks to redesign the learning environment. The physical space of the room can help or hinder what you want students to be doing. We wanted to create a less teacher centered classroom and focus on more classroom discussions. Notice how none of the seating faces the front, but rather has students facing each other.

I am frequently inspired by other teachers on Twitter who are posting pictures of their innovative learning spaces. I thought it would be great if there were a place to host pictures of our learning environments so we can all learn from each other.

I bought http://classroompics.com for this purpose.


Thank you to the magic of David Theriault you are able to post your picture by simply uploading the picture to Instagram and use the #classpicpost hashtag. David set up an ITTT recipe that automagically puts your Instagram picture onto the website.

CLICK HERE to tell David (@davidtedu) what a genius he is.

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