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PLEASE Upload Pictures to Flickr as Creative Commons

PLEASE Upload Pictures to Flickr as Creative Commons

Free Texture #304
Free Texture #304 by ~Brenda-Starr

Flickr has changed their interface so I thought I would update the directions for how to set your Flickr account to automatically be under a Creative Commons License when you upload your photos.

Please consider setting your pictures to Creative Commons. As educators I believe it is nice to create a community of sharing. We can not do it alone! There are 6 types of Creative Commons licenses. In a nutshell, by labeling your work as Creative Commons you are giving others permission to use your work so long as they give you credit.

Step 1

Sign into Flickr.

Step 2

Click on your picture in the upper right and go to settings.

 Step 3

The 2nd tab is the “Privacy & Permissions” tab.

Scroll down to “Defaults for new uploads.” The 2nd option is your copyright default for future content you upload. If it does not say you have a Creative Commons attribution choose the edit button to change that.  By default your work is under a standard copyright license, meaning others may not use your pictures.

There are 6 difference licenses, click here to read up on the differences between the types. I post all of my flickr pictures as Creative Commons, no restrictions. Popular amongst educators is the share-share alike option. I use my flickr account strictly to upload pictures for others to use. I am not a professional photographer so I do not lose any revenue even if someone does use my pictures for commercial uses, thus I choose the most open license I can.

3 thoughts on “PLEASE Upload Pictures to Flickr as Creative Commons

  1. Thank you. I searched the Flickr website for an hour or so looking for this information, but could nothing helpful. You have made it very clear.

    But I have another related question. How do I convey to the Flickr user the correct attribution? It is not to me but to a friend who died over 30 years ago and to the archives of a university where his slides are kept.

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