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Using Google Draw to Keep Info Updated

Using Google Draw to Keep Info Updated

In gamifying my STEAM* class at a local charter high school, I needed the students to know what the target goal was at any given moment. Since more XP opportunities avail themselves throughout the semester, students will want to know where they stand in relation to where they should be.

I realized that I needed to share this goal in multiple places to ensure that the students are aware of the current target. Not wanting to have to update multiple places I created the target goal in Google Draw. If I publish the Google Drawing and use the embed code, each instance where I posted the embed code the drawing will update when I update the drawing.

Step 1

Create the information in a Google Drawing. You may want to resize the canvas (grab lower right corner) if you do not want the drawing the size of a piece of paper. Note that when you resize the canvas the drawing automatically zooms. Use the view menu to see how large the canvas is zoomed in.

Step 2

Under the file menu choose “Publish to the Web”

Confirm that you indeed want to start publishing.

Step 3

Choose small, medium or large for the image and then copy (command C) the embed code.

Step 4

If you are NOT using a Google Site you will want to be in an edit mode where you can modify the source code (HTML view).  Paste the embed code anywhere you want the image to show up.

If you are using a Google Site, click on the HTML icon in the toolbar when editing a page.

This will cause a pop up box to appear where you can paste the HTML code. (Command V is paste).

Sidebar of a Google Site 

If you want to insert the image into the sidebar of your Google Site you will need to edit the site layout. Under the More button, choose “edit site layout.”

Hover over the sidebar at the top and a plus button will appear to allow you to add a sidebar item.

Choose to add a text box.

It will appear that nothing happened. However, look at the bottom of the sidebar and hover over it. A box will appear allowing you to edit your newly added text box. Click on the text box area to edit it.

A pop up window will allow you to edit the text box. You will need to toggle to HTML view and paste the HTML code (make sure you copied the SMALL version).

Paste the HTML code in the pop up window.

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