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A fun game I like to play is “hunt for the chupacabra.” In Google Docs and Google Presentation, when people link to your document, but are not implicitly shared* with your document, they join your document as an anonymous animal.

Step 1

Create a Google Doc or Presentation.

Step 2

After naming the document, click on the blue share button

Step 3

Make the document publicly viewable or anyone with the link can view. You can also set it to anyone with the link can EDIT. I like the can edit option when I share with students so I do not have to worry about them remembering their password in order to participate.

Step 4

Share the link with students (or out on twitter). I like to use http://goo.gl to share a shortened link.

Step 5

Tell the students we are on the hunt for the chupacabra.

Step 6

Keep checking who is joining the document, you can see the list in the upper right.

Step 7

CHEER when the chupacabra shows up. It is a fun community building activity to have a goal and reach it. The students will enjoy working on collaborative documents when they can be on the hunt for the chupacabra!

*I have noticed sometimes someone NOT implicitly shared will show up as themselves and not anonymous. I can not yet figure out why. I know if you insert a comment you stop being anonymous.

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