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What is the Right Device?

What is the Right Device?

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When deciding what tech tools you want to use with your classroom, is there a right answer? I do not think there is necessarily any must have device. Tech tools are TOOLS, not magic bullets. What is going to make the difference in the classroom is the environment that the teacher designs. What does the teacher do with the tech? How does he/she use it with intention? I can create cool learning opportunities with any tool. I am a fan of giving teachers what they want and not what someone else wants for them. Very few people like to have things pushed onto them and if they do feel forced, they likely are not going to be passionate about innovating with it or spending extra time to learn how to use it.

1 thought on “What is the Right Device?

  1. Hi Alice,
    I couldn’t agree more. On the flip side there are some people who are passionate about not using a particular device. Imagine what would happen if someone forced that person to use something they didn’t like! Eeekk!

    I hope all of the principals out there will watch this!
    –Elizabeth Goold

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