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Google Docs Unique ID

Google Docs Unique ID

This post may not seem like anything mind blowing, but it is something you might need to know for other things.

When you create a Google Document a UNIQUE code is generated. Clearly the URL for one Google Doc could not be the same as the URL for a different Google Doc, or how would the web know where you want to go?

The unique code is hidden in the URL, it is a long string of numbers and letters (no symbols!)

Sometimes I need this unique code in order to reference to a different document. For example when using the =importrange( formula in a Google Spreadsheet you want to bring one spreadsheet into the other spreadsheet. You will need the unique ID of the 2nd spreadsheet to bring it into the first.

Unique ID for a Spreadsheet


The key is after the key= but before the #gid.

Unique ID for a Google Document


The key is after the slash but before the /edit

Unique ID for a Google Drawing


Same as for the Google Doc, the Google Drawing is after the slash but before the /edit.

Unique ID for a Google Presentation


At the end of the Google Presentation URL is a reference to the slide. The unique ID is in the middle of this long URL. After the slash but before the /edit and slide info.

9 thoughts on “Google Docs Unique ID

  1. I think this is where I am having trouble-I tried to set up a spreadsheet and use importrange to pull in a roster from the first sheet on other sheets. But then when I used the /copy to force others to make a copy, that copy still seems to be linked to my original. Is there a way to add a roster that will carry over only on that copy though?

    1. As I look online, I see the problem is that I did link to my original sheet and what I really want to do is to link to the roster cells on the first page of the workbook, not my original sheet. Sorry if this question is too involved-I am very new to spreadsheets. 🙂

      1. I’m trying arrayformula to bring over the names. So far it looks like it might work. But again, I’m pretty new to the spreadsheet world.

  2. Hi. Thanks for the excellent tip!

    Do you have an example of code to create a new doc (in my case, for new docs), with name and address info from a spreadsheet?


  3. This site has been a big help tonight, hope I can give something back: Just found out the importrange function can be used as the range value in vlookup/hlookup.

    Hope this might be of some help.


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