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Peer Evaluations with a QR Code

Peer Evaluations with a QR Code

In my previous post I showed you how to create a custom peer evaluation form for each student in the class.  This works when students are able to go to a shared spreadsheet and click on the URL for the student they are doing the peer evaluation for.

If the projects are not digital projects it might make more sense to put a QR code next to each students project in the classroom to allow students to peer evaluate the projects.

Using the technique of modifying the pre-filled URL from a Google Form in a Google Spreadsheet you quickly have a personalized URL for each student in the class.

From Tammy Worcester’s website you can see how you can write a formula to create the QR codes right in the spreadsheet.  Print out the spreadsheet, cut out the QR codes and display them next to each students project.

Click here to see a sample spreadsheet with QR codes for peer evaluation.


Step 1: Create a form for students to fill out their name and project information.

Step 2: Create another form for peer evaluation

Step 3: Follow the directions in my previous blog post for creating a unique link for each student be be peer evaluated.

Step 4: Create another column for QR code

Step 5: Use the =Image(“URL”,1) formula to create the QR code.

Step 6: This URL creates a QR code image: https://chart.googleapis.com/chart?chs=150×150&cht=qr&chl=http://goo.gl/B9Mmc&choe=UTF-8

(I went to http://goo.gl and made ANY short link, clicked on details to view the QR code created. Right clicked and  obtained the image URL to copy that code, or you can copy it from my blog post.)

Replace the http://goo.gl/B9 with the URL of the peer evaluation form. Use cell referencing to note which cell the URL is located. To do this you will need “&&” in the spot where the URL goes.  The cell with the URL goes between the ampersands.


Step 7: You will need to make the rows taller.  The size of the QR code will depend on the size of the cell.

Step 8: Print out the evaluation spreadsheet, cut out the QR codes and place them on student projects.

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